What is Oleoresin Capsicum?

Oleoresin capsicum or as we commonly and wrongly call oleoresin capsaicin, is the main component of OC Sprays. It is a substance that can cause burning sensation or intense burning in the areas where it is sprayed (Yes, is something like if you had an habanero chili and you will pass it through the eyes and face……believe me is like this).

It can also cause difficulty in breathing, intense coughing and a sensation of itching in the nose; so it has earned the denomination of Pepper Gas.

It is an odorless substance, colorless and insipid but of which only 1 milliliter is enough to cause a blister on the skin. Its effect is so intense, that it can take between 30 to 45 minutes to pass completely. This is a real feat  🙁

Beyond its primary effects, which most of us already know, it has also been known that Oc spray can produce some even more severe effects depending on its degree of concentration and the sensitivity of the person to whom it is fired. Effects can range from temporary blindness of 15 to 30 minutes, muscle spasms, difficulty speaking and even death in asthmatic or allergic people.  So really let’s take care my dear friends…….

Notwithstanding the previous warnings (I’m writing too polite?), this product is highly used as a non-lethal personal defense weapon, although as I said earlier, it could even cause death.

This is serious, and therefore only people of legal age are legally authorized to carry it, because they are “supposed” to have greater criteria to distinguish between the bad and the good, although there have been cases that make me doubt the good breeding of some adults. Sorry to say that,….but is true.

Personally, I think OC Sprays could be a good alternative, especially for those people that can be an easy prey of crooks (again too polite) such as women, elderly, kids,  and even those who frequently hunt.

Finally:  if you are going to carry the oleoresin capsicum (OC Spray) in your bag, remember that it is a weapon, and that like any other weapon it can hurt people. So Be cautious!

Keep inside this page and you will know more about this fascinating world…..

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