OC spray defense technology

The violence that women experience in Mexico has led a one student to design shoes with OC Spray incorporated in her heel as a personal defense accessory.

The project, called Security Taste, was designed by Ditza Arámburo Gutiérrez, graduated from the Textile Design career at the “Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla”. Each shoe keeps a can of pepper spray in its 13-centimeter heel and is designed so that the woman has quick access to it in a dangerous situation.

The pepper gas has a small velcro that sticks to the heel, the two heels have two holes in case the woman is right-handed or left-handed (so that she can remove it in a more accessible way“.

Arámburo designed 5 models inspired by charro hats in a span of four months as part of his final thesis project. “They asked me for a design that would help solve a social problem,” says the young woman.

In the state of Puebla, violence against women is increasing. From January to September of this year the National Commission of Human Rights has reported 83 femicides (Woman homicides)  in that entity. In this context, Arámburo decided to focus its design on an accessory that would help women to defend themselves quickly against aggression.

“It was made to me that it was one of the best ways to solve the problem, even if some girl goes to a party or some club can defend herself through that or if they take a taxi or Uber can get more accessible pepper gas”

The young designer confesses that she is afraid to go out into the street, but when carrying OC spray she feels “with more security”. A few years ago some subjects assaulted her and snatched a chain from her neck.

“In Puebla, there are many young people who are studying and how many of them may be vulnerable to some type of aggression,” says Ana Lucía Beldaño Fernández, academic coordinator of the Textile Design program of the Ibero-American Puebla.

Through projects such as Security Taste, the university seeks to bring the student closer to reality, investigate and cover a need in the face of a current problem. “We see design as the means to solve needs”.

Another of the projects aimed at preventing violence against women was “Love does not hurt”, by Andrea Gallo Zapata, who made a collection of bags that indicate, through graphics inside, when the relationship is presenting some type of violence. Both products received the Mexico Design Award, representing an innovation in the textile design of items with an added value to their common use.

The Security Taste project received Honorable Mention, while the “Love does not hurt” award won the Best Accessory Project award. Now Arámburo, whose shoes could reach a price of $ 53, seeks to formalize the project with more models and accessories, including men, to bring them to market.

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