First Aids in case you have sprayed by a Pepper Spray

In previous post, I mentioned that Oleoresin capsicum was the main component of OC Spray, or better known as Pepper Gas. I also told you about some of the effects that this component could produce when being shot at an attacker: from irritation in eyes and upper respiratory tract, temporary blindness, burning sensation in the face and even death in sensitive people. That is why as a “non-lethal” weapon should be used responsibly and that to do it properly, could save a defenseless person from a potential attacker, be it one of our adorable Grizzli 450 kgm bears, or another animal with two legs I wear pants, boots and jacket.

Let’s now talk a little about some first aid techniques to apply in case some unsuspecting or prankster shoots on another friend or on himself a dose of chili piquin on his face (sorry, but it’s true, some people tend to apply to your friends very heavy jokes that can bring serious consequences, and it is important that you find out everything you need to know to help those who need it until the paramedics arrive):

  1. Air, a lot of air !: The affected person should come into contact with the fresh air, withdraw from the nearby area where there has been residual gas, if possible look for a fan or blow air into your face with a magazine.


  1. To wash !:
  • SKIN: Wash the skin that came into contact with the gas with neutral soap and remove it with plenty of fresh water. DO NOT RUIN YOUR SKIN, BECAUSE YOU CAN FINISH HAVING A PEELING!
  • EYES: Must be washed with fresh water for about 15 minutes continuously or until the itch calms down considerably. If you wear contact lenses, remove them with clean hands. Try to blink as much as you can to stimulate the secretion of tears. If this does not work, remember what you felt when your favorite series ended.
  • NOSE AND MOUTH: If the gas entered the mouth or nose, eng├íjate with plenty of water, spit or shake your nose all you need to expel the waste, DO NOT DRIVE SALIVA OR MOCOS !. Relax, nobody is going to judge you.


3. Strip tease time: You must remove contaminated clothing and dispose of it in a sealed bag or container to prevent it from contaminating other objects or people.4. Do not lose your temper: Remember that the symptoms are temporary and that in one or two hours you will recover all your senses. Breathe calmly and deeply.When to call the doctor: If the affected person has severe difficulty in breathing, chest pain or suffers from any respiratory disease (such as asthma or allergy) do not try to become the hero and call a doctor immediately!Hopefully you never have to resort to these first aid, but since you are here reading the best blog dedicated to OC Spray, and you will be (or already are) a user of one of them, do not forget that these recommendations can help you recover the I breathe again, and even save your life


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