All about OC Sprays

If you are here is because your are one of us. A person who is worried for all related defense for ourselves and our families. In OC, you will have the most complete information, references, products and services related to the world of this powerful, although non-lethal weapon of personal defense.

I’ve prepared an expedite catalog with most used and updated products in the market. You can buy without any inconvenient using the most reliable platform in the World -Amazon-.

Why to buy a Pepper Spray?

Did you know that the purchase of the OC Spray as a birthday gift for ladies was increased by 40 to 50% in 2017? There are even teachers who are teaching anti-bullying to their students by spraying them with pepper spray to teach them the pain that it feels to be harassed in school, did you know? (If you do not believe me, google the news).

In addition, this product is increasingly recommended by friends as a method to self-defense against attacks by wild animals, without causing severe or irreversible damage. It is also well known that the OC Spray, better known as Pepper gas, is a personal defense device of the most economical and requires less government authorizations to be ported (although there are some states that represent the exception to this rule), and can be purchased in both physical and virtual stores from the comfort of home or office.

It is the most used by people with little or no knowledge in the carrying or handling of weapons and is very easy to use by people who could be easy target of aggressors (women, elderly, disabled).

If you are like me, of those who think that OC Spray is an excellent alternative to prevent attacks of two and four legged animals, you are on the right website!

Keep reading and get a little more into the world of Pepper Gas and its related products

What does OC spray stand for?

OC Spray or better known as Pepper gas is a chemical compound artificially created in the laboratory from the oleoresin capsicum (OC) component. An oil found naturally in many types of hot peppers among these the most common are cayenne pepper and chili peppers, this latest have the element in Big quantities.

This oil has high contents of the capsaicin, which in the body causes a strong irritation. If you have ever tried a hot pepper of this type you will know what I mean: a sensation of intense heat, as if something was burning.

That’s not all, what happens next is that the sensation is prolonged in time and it becomes difficult to get rid of it completely.

After extracting the essence of this oil, it is manipulated and mixed with other elements such as water and oil solutions. Then it is placed in an aerosol (spray). This makes it possible to use it as an aerosol and it is easier to shoot where you want.

OC Sprays for Women

Do you know that entire families are armed with this kind of gas to evade gender violence? Unfortunately women have became in a easy pray for some attackers. But no any more. Here I’ve compiled a valuable guide to make our ladies ready to be protected

Special OC Sprays

You’ve never imagined this gadgets are being using such tear gas. But yes. Let’s take a look and you will surprise.

Fashion Spray

The ultimate guide where you can find all the concealed products. Fashion because nobody will know that is an OC Spray.

Conventional OC Spray

Same like me, you are worried about safety. Period. And not only we think in ourselves, also in our families. Do not believe you are a paranoiac, is just common sense after watching the news or reading local newspaper. What a tragedy is our world.

But, let’s take a tour for the most variety of regular OC Sprays used as a non lethal weapon

OC Sprays for Runners

Ahhh what special moment. Go outside to jog, to be healthier and burn all the calories. Suddenly a person start to follow us. This happens because attackers know that when we are running is a very particular event because we are highly defenseless.  Please change this scenario and be prepared taking with you an Pepper Spray.

Dog Sprays

Let’s describe a typical situation. You has decided walk around your community, and suddenly a dog from unknown owners started to bark. So, What to do? What happens if this animal has the intention to attack us? My dear, we have to make decisions and one of them is to repel this threaten from us.

Here a list with some of theses products you can use in that situations.

Bear Spray on wild places

Some of us (like me), are not a professional hunter, and have not a gun to be used in our defense. We just are a lover of nature and do not want to harm any animal. For these reasons we have to consider seriously the use of this kind of product.

So you’ve decided to go camping with your family or friends, but you’re not sure how to defend from the bears. Yes, those little friends who can seem tender and cuddly, can represent a terrible threat to your safety and of your companions. Well, fortunately there is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that has shown a high percentage of effectiveness in these cases. It is the well-known Bear Spray


Like the Peper Spray, has Oleoresin Capsicum as an active component, but unlike the first, its concentration percentage is higher (between 1% and 2%). Obviously, stopping the attack of a tender brown bear of 900 lb and 8.50 feet of height, must require an extra effort of that attacker.

Statistics show that approximately 92% to 98% of the cases, those who use this product have escaped from an attack of totally unharmed (the person, not the bear), this percentage of effectiveness could be said is significantly high. Additional we must to say, this kind of product is “bear-friendly”, it means that no bear has gone through a better life by receiving a portion of “jalapeno pepper”  in the eyes. (better ran than died would say the bear isn’t?)

Important, experts say that it is important to keep the spray out of sight of these cute little animals unless it is going to be used, as this could get their attention, and as we know, the teddy bears are very playful, and with their cute little crabs they could damage the pressurized container that could explode them in the face, causing severe damage to them or the person who is nearby, and we do not want that, right ? That is why we recommend that the best way to protect themselves from a bear attack is to Follow the recommendations of the rangers to avoid the bears.

Many people ask if they can use the Bear Spray as a defense against a person trying to attack them. As I mentioned in my previous post, the same Pepper Spray with a concentration percentage lower than the Bear Spray (only between 0.2 and 1.3%) could even cause death in people with high sensitivity (allergic, asthmatic, with respiratory deficiency, or cardiac, etc.). So the answer to this question is pretty obvious, and if it’s not obvious enough for you, I’m telling you more clearly: Use Bear Spray just to defend yourself from bears.

As a final recommendation I invite you to consult the legality in your place about use of this product before acquiring it. Some could be prohibited.